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LaFirme is a web agency that provides website creation and maintenance services. Ask our competent professionals to correct or optimize your online portal. Our website maintenance solutions are designed for professionals in many sectors of business.

Jean-Maxime Tremblay Web Agency Maintenance

Jean-Maxime Tremblay B.A.A.

Website Marketing and SEO consultant

Our website maintenance process

website analysis


Website analysis

Website diagnosis to determine the needs of the company and to set up an adequate web marketing strategy.

Website correction and update


Website Maintenance

Correction and optimization of your company's website. It is necessary to go through website maintenance to optimize its referencing and its visibility on search engines.

Website performance



Use marketing techniques to increase your sales force to better convert your prospects.

Measuring web results



To increase your results quickly, LaFirme also offers you its marketing support associated with a monthly website maintenance plan.

Our web expertises

SEO and optimization

Website Maintenance Packages


  • Analysis of your website
  • Online Ads strategy analysis
  • Coaching meeting
  • Strategic plan on the web
  • Google position report
  • SEO Error Reporting


  • Major corrections to the website
  • Publication of the website
  • SEO optimization
  • Improvement of functionality
  • Monitoring of web positioning
  • Growth Plan
Regular package: 1395$
Promo : 1195$


  • Follow-up on search engines
  • Updates and updates
  • Corrections on the website
  • SEO and optimization
  • Telephone support
Our packages

Completed website maintenance projects

Wisdom In Golf

Website acceleration, web project management and maintenance and marketing coaching

Web site acceleration, web project management and maintenance and marketing coaching

Diva Yoga

Modernization, improvement and maintenance of website about Yoga

Diva Yoga  website maintenance

Piscines Memphre

Website Design - Updating - Website Maintenance - Optimization and SEO

Design and publication for the Piscines Memphre website. Long term web maintenance project and SEO positioning.

Purple Squirrel Economics

Website Design - Updating - Website Maintenance - Optimization and SEO

Purple Squirrel Economics website Design and Maintenance

Website Maintenance Tips and Tricks


How much does a website cost?

The average cost of a web project for an SME is between 2000$ and 15000$ and depends on the needs of your web project (Coaching and Training, Marketing Strategy, Planning, Advertising, Social Media) and also on the desired features of your website (CMS, advanced features, automation, email marketing, long term maintenance).

How do I request a website quote?

To make your quote request for a web project simpler, you should prepare your content and its architecture (site map), the desired images, as well as your list of requested features and functionalities. You could also visit the Internet to find examples of websites you like.

How to find a web agency in Quebec?

Visit the websites of agencies in your area and local web designers. Select the web agencies that seem to match your values and needs. Contact these agencies and check their ability to respond quickly and efficiently. Trust your feelings and avoid 'too good to be true' proposals.

Is my SEO Optimization good?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strongly influences the search engine position of a website. If your website comes out little or badly on Google, your SEO optimization may be weak. Good maintenance of a website allows us to correct SEO errors and to improve the natural referencing.

Why do web maintenance?

Web maintenance allows you to extend the life of your website while maximizing results. It will normally improve the SEO, update the content, and ensure the security/stability of the website.

web maintenance?

The Maintenance of a website consists of making it stable and secure in the first place. Subsequent web maintenance tasks can be varied: updating content, backup, adding features, improving SEO, and search engine positioning.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

The standard cost to maintain a website is between 100$cad and 1000$cad per month, depending on your package and your service provider. The prices of maintaining a website can be seen as an investment to extend the life of the website.

Is website maintenance essential?

A website left to its own devices is much more sensitive to medium-term problems. It is important to have at least two professional follow-ups of the websiteper year to progress on search engines. The organic referencing on search engines is greatly improved when the Maintenance of a websiteis well done, especially when the adjustments are frequent, even daily.

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